What our clients say

Banco Léon

At Banco Leon, the story of working with Fusion Strategic Inc. has been extraordinary, resulting in a 'before' and an 'after' since working with the firm and, in particular, since working with Jim and Carol.

We have experienced an important cultural transformation process that has caused us all to both 'unlearn' and learn methods, processes and mindsets; all of which has become directly reflected in our client satisfaction and thereby in our results. This 6 year journey has helped us to become drivers of our own transformation, as evidenced in our leaders and their unending search for excellence.

Any change of this magnitude begins with its leaders who, through their role modeling of desired behaviours and actions, transform the behaviours of their teams; and it is precisely in this shift that Jim and Carol have had the greatest impact at Banco Leon.

In my 25 years of Human Resource experience, I have come to know few people like them; who are capable of touching others in the way that they do and who are capable of shifting transcendent leadership behaviours in an organization. Fusion Strategic is a true business partner. Should you find yourself in a moment of cultural change, there is no one better than Fusion Strategic to help you achieve the very shift that you desire for your organization.

Rosa D. Bisonó de Gil
Vice President
Human Resources

Trabajar con la firma Fusion Strategic en Banco León ha sido una experiencia extraordinaria, hay un antes y un después en el banco desde que estamos trabajando con la firma, y muy puntualmente, con Jim y Carol.

Hemos vivido un proceso de transformación cultural importante que nos ha llevado a todos a desaprender y aprender métodos, procesos y mentalidades lo que se ha reflejado directamente en la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, y por ende, en sus resultados. Este recorrido de 6 años nos ha permitido ser protagonistas de una transformación evidente en el liderazgo de la organización y de una sed interminable de búsqueda de la excelencia.

Todo cambio de esta magnitud empieza en sus líderes, quienes con su ejemplo, comportamiento y acciones transforman las conductas de sus colaboradores y justo en ese cambio es donde Jim y Carol han jugado el mayor de los roles en banco León.

En mis 25 años de experiencia en Recursos Humanos, he conocido pocas personas como ellos, capaces de llegar a las personas como lo hacen y de lograr cambios conductuales tan transcendentales en sus líderes y en la cultura de una organización. Definitivamente, Fusion Strategic es un verdadero socio de negocio. Si usted y su organización están en un momento de cambio cultural, nadie mejor que Fusion Strategic para lograr ese cambio que usted espera hacer en la misma.

Rosa D. Bisonó de Gil
2do. VP de Recursos Humanos
Recursos Humanos

Canadian Tire Corporation

The stakeholders at Canadian Tire Corporation are thrilled that Jim and Carol were able to help us take an in-depth look at our cross-functional teams, relationships and mindsets and enable us to get focused on our engagement processes and future performance.

Fusion's approach to our project was very collaborative, creative and flexible - allowing for customized design and detailing along the way. Whether it was one-on-one interviews, group workshops or senior leader feedback sessions, their approach was personal and professional, engaging and fresh.

I would highly recommend Fusion to anyone that is going through change, wants to enhance relationships or take performance to the next level - they can help you get there.

Sharon Norris
Director, Dealer Development and Learning
Dealer Relations

Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

Fusion Strategic collaborated with HOOPP to deliver a customized leadership development program. Jim and Carol worked closely with us to gain a deep understanding of our needs and tailored the curriculum. They were instrumental in architecting quality experiences to create the right environment for change. They demonstrated to us that they are committed to personally and professionally engaging people in rich dialogue to enhance their leadership capabilities and explore the crucial elements that create a stronger executive team. Their results had a deep impact organization wide and we would not hesitate to recommend them for similar assignments. It has been a pleasure working with Fusion – their capabilities stand out in the industry!!

Victoria Hubbell
Senior Vice-President,
Strategy & Stakeholder Relations

Ontario Northland

Fusion Strategic provided Ontario Northland management with an insightful and valuable leadership development framework. By understanding that the foundation for effective leadership begins with a commitment to a broader set of personal goals and standards, our senior managers gained significant benefit from the tools and techniques that allowed them to access greater self-awareness. Jim Allen and Carol Faull are both highly adept facilitators in delivering this leadership curriculum.

Paul Goulet
President and CEO


Fusion Strategic has helped Scotiabank in numerous ways, with innovation and adaptability to meet our frequently changing needs. Jim and Carol are both outstanding facilitators, and provide an excellent balance - whether facilitating a session or brainstorming new approaches to help us solve the current issue.

Deborah Swail
Communications, Metrics & Effectiveness
Corporate HR


Our team at TELUS enjoyed working with Jim and Carol very much. They worked with us on a series of programs, helping us hone our views on culture and the impact that was having on our team's engagement. Fusion was flexible, innovative and collaborative in their work from diagnosis to program and workshop design. They were excellent facilitators and earned immediate respect from participants when hosting workshops or brainstorming approaches. Notably they also took a quantitative approach to a topic that is often purely qualitative, an important design choice that lent credibility in a numbers-oriented culture. In the end, they helped us energize a cultural transformation that saw us double our team engagement, from 38% to 76% (with subsequent 13 point lift the following year). I would comfortably recommend Fusion as a partner for change, cultural evolution, or performance enhancement programs.

Dan Golberg
Consumer Loyalty and Relationship Management

United Way, Toronto

Fusion Strategic have been instrumental in helping United Way Toronto build an open and inclusive culture. Jim and Carol have taken the time to truly understand our organization and our values. They are talented facilitators who have built a genuine rapport with our team. I have appreciated their creativity and the tools they have introduced to help us explore issues fully and bring about change. They are professional, genuine and trusted partners and I am pleased to recommend them.

Susan McIsaac
President and CEO