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National Trust Study: Aiming High

Renewing Trust in a Time of Suspicion

This study was undertaken as a jointly funded initiative by CIBC, the Centre for Ethical Orientation (CEO) and McKinsey & Company. With CEO, Fusion Strategic co-authored this study on the state and relevance of trust in Canada as related to culture, values and stakeholder relationships.

The study concluded that:
  • Trust is a key element of Canadian identity and is in a broad and troubling state of decline, having both social and economic impacts.
  • Canadians no longer trust the traditional systemic icons of trust but rely on local networks for trusting relationships.
  • Trust can be restored by focusing efforts on reconnecting, re-engaging and integrating Canadians with service providers in each sector.

The results and recommendations have served as the springboard for conversations and client engagements around rebuilding and enhancing trust efforts in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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Conscious Capitalism:
Transforming Business, Governance
and Leadership... from within

Publication in Development

It can be argued that capitalism has been our most effective economic, social and governance system. There is much evidence to support the idea that capitalism generates more wealth, encourages more innovation and meets more of our material needs than any other societal system we have known.

Despite its successes, there is also an emerging awareness that, left to its own devices, capitalism deals less effectively with some of our most pressing environmental, social, and inter/intra-personal challenges. These unresolved issues are increasing in their importance, complexity and impact.

Should these mounting pressures remain unaddressed, we will fast approach the point where capitalism, as we now know it, will be unsustainable. The system will crack under the strains of inequitable distribution of wealth, environmental damage, unhealthy relationships and a crisis of meaninglessness.

Such a panorama requires that capitalism be transformed.

Conscious Capitalism examines:

  • The emergence, evolution and current dominance of capitalism as our primary organizing system
  • The path of transformation that guides the way that we grow and shift individually and collectively
  • The possibilities that transformation provides to reshape and recast capitalism into something that works better for more of us.

Conscious Capitalism is a book about the system and shift of the model. It is written, however, from the perspective that the system is intimately related to those who participate in it. Therefore, Conscious Capitalism will also examine how each of us can contribute to and thereby accelerate capitalism's shift and transformation.

As such, and perhaps most importantly, Conscious Capitalism is also about our own individual transformation as we embark on this collective journey.

Thought Leaders

As thought leaders in their field, with broad-ranging experience in human behaviour and organizational performance, Fusion's principals are excited to explore new frontiers of business, culture and ethics, and have authored a number of important studies.