Our giving

Fusion Strategic was founded on the guiding principle of giving, receiving and circulating. As such, our business model was established to provide us with the opportunity to donate a minimum of 10% of our consulting revenue to individuals and organizations in need. Through this fund, we have helped individuals and organizations identify new possibilities and assisted them in realizing their goals.

In 2012, our tithing fund took a new direction. We launched a program that makes our transformation work available to individuals and organizations that, for a variety of reasons, may not otherwise have access to the tools that enable positive behaviour shifts and a life of empowered accountability.

We now deliver our two-day "Personal Insight" program through organizations such as Toronto Community Housing, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Toronto Community Foundation and the United Way. Feedback has been very gratifying indeed and we are excited about the expansion of this unique offering in the years to come.

Please contact us if you feel there is a group that would benefit from this work.