How we think


Traditional and Emerging Business and
Leadership Paradigms

The world of business and leadership is changing. It is becoming infinitely more complex and requires skills and abilities that are often undervalued and underdeveloped.

It's not enough to take the tried and true traditional leadership approaches – where order, structure and compliance are achieved through authoritative command and control, with leaders having "all the answers." You also need the ability to inspire and mobilize, facilitate and coach, balance heart and mind and ask the right questions through a more flexible, informal authority model.

Our approach combines the best of the traditional approaches with emerging skills to position leaders, teams and organizations for maximum performance.

With extensive international business experience and specialized training and expertise as thought leaders in behaviour transformation, Fusion Strategic is uniquely positioned to facilitate the transformation to this new high-performance paradigm.

We deploy this approach and these skills to make a difference in the lives of the leaders, employees and organizations we partner with.

Our Approach

  • We recognize that any sustainable culture transformation must address both mindsets and behaviours. We focus on the 'how' work gets done versus the 'what.'
  • Our work always begins with the senior leadership team. Cultural transformation cannot be delegated. The mindsets and behaviours of senior leaders significantly influence organizational culture.
  • We identify and remove performance barriers, enabling employees to work to their full potential and deliver unprecedented results.

We believe

  • There is a new way of being in business that can create more meaning, purpose and passion for individuals, teams and organizations.
  • We create new possibilities by reconciling apparent paradoxes — reframing them from the "either/or" mindset to the "and" mindset.
  • The "who", "why" and "how" matter as much as the "what."
  • Performance breakthrough is on the other side of integrating our whole selves into everything we do.